‘Beaches’ Is Getting The Lifetime Treatment Starring Idina Menzel

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In a move that will either be regarded as brilliant or sacrilege, Lifetime has revealed plans for another movie remake. A remake of a Bette Midler classic, no less.

Deadline reports that the 1988 Garry Marshall directed motion picture Beaches is coming to the cable network with Broadway megastar Idina Menzel in the role of C.C. Billed as a “contemporary remake” by Deadline, the update will also include Menzel singing “Wind Beneath My Wings” and “The Glory of Love” plus some additional tunes. Even with the standard grumbling that comes with remake/reboot/reimagining announcements, you could certainly do worse for a Bette sub than Menzel.

Production begins in mid-August, with Beaches earmarked for a 2017 release. Once it airs, it’ll join the ranks of other Lifetime remakes like Steel Magnolias and the James Franco-fied redo of Mother, May I Sleep With Danger. (We imagine the tone will be akin to the former rather than the latter.)

Menzel paid homage to Bette on Twitter and declared that she hopes she can make The Divine Miss M proud.

Who knows? If the Beaches remake proves to be a hit, we’re one step closer to Idina Menzel starring in a reboot of Bette.

(Via Deadline)

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