Idris Elba’s ‘SNL’ Promo Couldn’t Be More Turned Up For The Occasion

Hold on to your best threads because Idris Elba (Luther star, People‘s current reigning Sexiest Man Alive, and the actor who consistently insists that he’s not playing James Bond) will host SNL this weekend. He’s officially doing so to promote Turn Up Charlie, the Netflix comedy in which he stars as a struggling DJ-turned manny, but much like Aquaman Jason Momoa not too long ago, Idris is absolutely thrilled to walk those hallowed halls.

The promo catches up with Idris at the precise moment that he learns about his new gig. Well, he immediately swings into party mode as a sharp dressed man strutting down the halls to Khalid’s “Talk” toward a waiting bottle of champagne, and SNL cast member Aidy Bryant is ready and willing to aid the cause. The episode should be fully lit with Khalid as the musical guest to support his own upcoming album, but please say there will be at least one 007 skit. And given that Turn Up Charlie is based upon Elba’s DJ side career, perhaps there will be an amusing spin of the records as well.

Catch Elba’s SNL debut on Saturday, March 9 at 11:30 pm EST, and Netflix’s Turn Up Charlie will premiere on March 15.