If Hillary Clinton Becomes President, Bill Will Move Back Into The White House ‘If Asked’

Former President Bill Clinton stopped by the Late Show with David Letterman on Tuesday night to talk about — among other things — his possible return to The White House. It’d be an indirect return, of course, as Hillary Clinton is the one who’s running for President next year.

So when Letterman asked Bill to make a percentage-based guess as to how likely his return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was, Bill said 100%. But there’s one tiny, minute-yet-important detail that the former President must add as a footnote to his answer.

Clinton: If I’m asked.

Letterman: Yes, you may not be invited back.

Let’s hope that ol’ Bill is on Hillary’s good side at the moment, and that he remains there throughout the coming campaign. Then again, this all depends on whether not Hillary wins the Presidency — let alone the Democratic Party nomination.