If You Ask Nicely, Bryan Cranston Might Send You a Plastic Bag Full of Blue Meth

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06.12.12 14 Comments

For a lack of anything else better to do (the life of a blogger is a lonely one, indeed), I waddled over to the IMDb page for “Breaking Bad” a little bit ago and came across a heartwarming story involving an autograph, Walter White, and blue meth. The unfortunately named IMDb user, “squirtsquirt7,” wrote to “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston in “mid-March and today I found a nice yellow envelope in my mailbox.” Inside was a personalized, autographed picture that reads, “Too much cash…nice problem.”

Not only that, but Cranston also included a “little extra token…a little packet of blue meth.” (I initially thought the story was a fake, until another user asked if they could buy the “meth” from, ugh, “squirt”; he replied, “I’m gonna have to pass, I just love it so much.”) This is your daily reminder that Bryan Cranston is The Best.

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