If You Hate Spoilers So Much, You Should Move To Bloody England

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09.22.14 6 Comments

Over the last several years, as spoilers have become a relatively new phenomena in the age of the Internet and social media, people have actually begun to study them. Research has shown, for instance, that being spoiled to a huge plot point doesn’t actually hurt one’s appreciation for the show or movie (and Game of Thrones proves it). My biggest question has always been why do people spoil, anyway? What’s the psychology behind people who spoil?

Here in America, however, spoilers have more or less become a way of life. There are countless rules on them, but they’re still almost unavoidable. In fact, Netflix commissioned a transatlantic study and discovered that 76 percent of Americans believe spoilers just a fact of life. Meanwhile, over the UK? Only 4 percent believe that.

It’s a totally different mindset. Brits are clearly far more considerate.

The study also found that there are three stages when it comes to spoilers, and that Brits largely fit into the first category:

Stage One: Contained & Coded; “At this stage the majority of people take care to try not to spoil.”

Stage Two: Share Aware; “Where the emphasis shifts to the ‘spoilee’ to protect themselves in order to avoid spoilers by sidestepping social media.”

Stage Three: Uncensored Spoiling; “Where spoiling becomes a way of life with social media providing the rumour mill as has been the case for shows such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, to name a couple.”

Yeah, we in America have definitely moved on to Stage 2 for the first 24 hours up to, maybe, a week, but after that, we’ve fully moved into stage 3. We’re terrible people.

Source: PRNewswire via NewsforTVMajors

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