Ike Barinholtz Is Upset That Mindy Kaling Only Mentions Him Twice In Her New Book

Mindy Kaling’s new book of essays, Why Not Me? is a New York Times bestseller. Yet there’s one person who is not as thrilled about the book as everyone else is. That would be Ike Barinholtz, a writer and costar on Kaling’s show, The Mindy Project, who only gets two mentions in the book.

Barinholtz mentioned feeling slighted by this in an appearance on Conan earlier this week. He not only brought up the “mentioned twice” part, but he also pointed out that while Kaling described host Conan O’Brien as her hero, Barinholtz only gets “likable Midwestern guy” (faint praise indeed). He continued: “I want like a chapter where it’s like, ‘I remember the first day Ike walked in the room. I thought: what is Kevin Sorbo doing here?'”

“Kevin Sorbo? Hercules?!” O’Brien replied in disbelief. “Or whatever, Tom Hardy,” Barinholtz clarified, before doubling down on the Sorbo comparison.

The very amusing discussion devolved further into a routine about whether or not shoulders can shimmer, when Barinholtz proposed that as a description for him that Kaling could’ve used. Perhaps she’s saving that for her third book, You’re An Amazing Man, for which Barinholtz said he’ll write the “foreword, afterword, and middle-word.”