‘I’m Just Too Smart’: The 10 Worst Things Lena Dunham’s Hannah Said On ‘Girls’ This Season

The best scene in season two of Girls occurred with about 10 minutes left in last night’s finale. Hannah’s neighbor Laird (played by Jon “Frrt” Glaser) came up to her apartment to give her a haircut, while she endlessly complained about this and that. A fed-up Laird finally called her out on her bullsh*t, saying, “You are the most self-involved, presumptuous person I have ever met. Ever. I had feelings for you, sure, until I realized how rotten your insides are.”

Great, I thought, Girls was finally going to acknowledge how terrible of a person Hannah is. By the end of the episode, Hannah had reunited with her ex-boyfriend Adam, who literally ran from his apartment to hers without wearing shirt and lifted her up in his arms after busting down her door. So…j/k about the accountability thing.

This was an extremely frustrating season of Girls; there was a lot of good — “One Man’s Trash,” the guest stars, Ray and Adam’s Staten Island excursion, Shoshanna — but there was just as much bad, including every scene with Jessa and much of Hannah’s “self-involved” dribble. That’s why the final scene bummed me out so much: Girls could be a great show if Hannah were painted as more of a f*ck up, but she keeps getting what she wants and you’re supposed to feel sympathetic for a (in every sense of the word) miserable human. As seen here.











OK, she didn’t actually say that, but she COULD have. Anyway, Girls ending means we’re only two weeks from:

Now that’s girl power.

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