‘I’m A Marine, Don. I Will Beat The Sh*t Out Of You’: A Supercut Of All The Shouting On ‘Newsroom’

Of all the complaints critics have lodged against The Newsroom, I don’t believe that shouting has been among the chief complaints, so I’m not sure if this supercut of ALL THE SHOUTING ON THE NEWSROOM from last season is meant to be a celebration of the show or a criticism. Based on the substance from the supercut, I’d have to say it’s favorable to show since Sam Waterston’s Charlie Skinner — who yells his nearly every line in The Newsroom — is heavily featured, and Charlie Skinner is a goddamn saint among men. The yelling (most of which is laced with profanity) is also pretty much the only reason The Newsroom needs to be on HBO (I love The Newsroom, but I can concede that it’s essentially a network drama with lots of cussing).

Anyway, the supercut is from the first season only, and maybe that had something to do with the critic’s disdain of the first season since season two has been far more temperate, critics besides myself are finally coming around on the show.

Also, the supercut is a lot more fun than I expected.