“I’m On a Horse” Dude Gets NBC Deal

06.16.10 9 years ago 5 Comments

Isaiah Mustafa, the actor best known as “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” in the terrific Old Spice commercial that first aired this winter, has scored a development deal with NBC.

NBC Universal casting exec VP Grace Wu said she began meeting with Mustafa soon after the commercial aired and attempted to find a spot for him on one of NBC’s pilots this spring. But nothing panned out.

Nonetheless, “we felt he was a piece of talent worth developing,” she said. “He’s an attractive guy who’s just as funny and charming.” Wu said she plans to have Mustafa audition for spots on several of NBC’s current and new series, as well as keep him in play for future pilots. The actor will first be geared toward sitcoms — given the comedy chops he exhibited in those Old Spice spots.

It turns out that Mustafa also played in the NFL from 1997-2000 before deciding to try his hand at acting. Hold on, let me break out my patented Jealousy Checklist: (√) Pro football player. (√) Badass name. (√) Handsome black man. (√) Genuinely charming and funny. (√) Positioned to be huge television star.

That jerk thinks he’s so special just because a decade of hard work is finally paying off. I bet he doesn’t even know Photoshop.

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