IMDB And TV Guide Reveal ‘Dexter’ Season Eight Spoilers

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As the title suggests, this post contains spoilers for future episodes in ‘Dexter’s’ final season. They are not series’ ruining spoilers, and in a couple of cases, they only really give us something to look forward to during a disappointing Dexter season, but if you don’t want to know anything about future Dexter episodes, just slowly back away, click that little x-button on the top right hand portion of your computer screen, and go eat some nachos.

The first spoiler is likely not a major one, but in next week’s episode, Scar Tissue, Lauren Vélez — who plays Captain LaGuerta — will return. Since she’s dead, I’m sure it will be a flashback, a dream sequence, or a video tape of some sort, perhaps giving someone evidence of Dexter and Debra’s involvement in her murder.

Second, if you’re wondering when Yvonna Strahovski’s Hannah McKay will be back, according to IMDB, that is episode six, “A Little Reflection,” which airs on August 4th, which is too damn long to wait for the best thing about Dexter at the moment. If you’re hoping that Dexter ends with him running off into the sunset with Hannah, however, you’ll have to put that out of your head, as Strahovski will only be in four episodes. In the episode before Hannah McKay leaves, however, a US Marshall played by Kenny Johnson will be introduced to the series, and he will be on the series until the final episode.

Episode 11 will feature a “boat buyer,” suggesting that Dexter may try and get rid of “The Slice of Life.”

Finally, TV Guide reveals that, in episode 5, Masuka finds out he has a daughter. Around that same time, Dora Madison Burge (Friday Night Lights) begins an arc on Dexter. She would seem to fit the profile of Masuka’s daughter.

Could either Masuka’s daughter or Hannah McKay be another one of Dr. Vogel’s former patients?

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