Impeach the President

Unlike some of my colleagues, I would rather set myself ablaze and wade into pool of gasoline than engage in a political discussion on the Internet. Unfortunately, sometimes an issue is so important that it can’t be glossed over. This is one of those times.

Adrian Grenier posted a photo of himself and the prez on his Facebook page earlier today with a message reading, “I promised to make the Entourage movie if he would do a cameo. He agreed. Seriously.”

It was first revealed back in 2008 that the leader of the free world enjoyed watching Entourage and fellow HBO series The Wire. “I never try to analyze these things too much, but I think Obama is someone who believes in family and loyalty,” Entourage creator and executive producer Doug Ellin told the New York Daily News at the time. “And I think at its core, that’s what Entourage is about.” [E! Online]

Now I’m pretty sure this was more of a glad-handing “Yeahyeah whatever, I’ll be in your movie” thing than a hard and firm confirmation, but still, in regards to ALL OF THIS …

Photo credit: Shutterstock