Important: 10 Television Stars You’ll Probably Never See Naked

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01.24.12 41 Comments

No-nudity clauses have long been a big deal in the film world, but now that nudity restrictions are more lax in the TV world — both on premium cable, basic cable, and even network television — actors who want to remain clothed now find it increasingly necessary to sign detailed no-nudity clauses, so says The NY Post. In fact, when the short-lived “The Playboy Club” debuted last fall, the subject came up because many of the actresses in the show, such as Amber Heard, were asked to waive no-nudity clauses for rebroadcasts on DVD and abroad. Kristen Bell also signed a no-nudity clause for her Showtime comedy “House of Lies,” though she will film in bra and panties, and apparently, allow her toes to be sucked.

With the Supreme Court now hearing arguments about the FCC’s ability to censor nudity on network television, the issue could gain even more attention in the coming years. But from what we know of rumor, innuendo, and statements made in interviews, we can be fairly certain that the following ten television actors and actresses all have various forms of no-nudity clauses. That does not mean, however, that they won’t wear revealing attire. Feel free to compare to the 10 Television Actresses You Were Most Likely to See Naked in 2011, and, FYI, while Alison Brie is not on the record with regard to her willingness to appear naked on television, she’s not shy about sharing details of her college sexual experimentation.

Ginnifer Goodwin

Jenna Fischer

Christina Applegate

Olivia Munn

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Rachel Bilson

Kristen Bell

Christina Hendricks

Neal McDonough

Blake Lively

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