Important Nudity News: Jennifer Love Hewitt Will Wear Nothing At All On ‘The Client List’ Next Season

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01.18.13 46 Comments

Supermarket tabloid the National Enquirer got a hot scoop that those okra-sniffers at the New York Times failed to report on: The Client List star Jennifer Love Hewitt is filming scenes in the nude for season two of the Lifetime series. Here’s where I want to make a Weekly World News joke, but sadly, they don’t exist anymore; plus, American Horror Story: Asylum is coming up with weirder sh*t than Bat Boy on a weekly basis. But, yes, boobs.

When The Client List debuted on Lifetime TV, star JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT threw network execs a curve – a whole bunch of ’em! – slinking on-screen in a provocative lingerie wardrobe that helped turn her show into a smash sex-cess! But now honchos have persuaded the smokin’ hot beauty to work even MORE magic in Season 2 – by shooting NUDE scenes.

The naughty bits will be blurred a bit, but guys will still thrill to ogling the lovely Love Hewitt. And just to make sure she keeps us attentive, guys, the 33-year-old stacked-tress is working out four days a week to make sure her bod looks tight and right! (Via)

That’s one reference to O.J.’s bloody glove away from being my favorite block quote of all-time. Did anyone actually watch more than just the pilot of The Client List? I didn’t, because it seems like one of those shows that can’t possibly top what your imagination dreams up, and my imagination went WILD with The Client List.

Actually, that’s exactly how I imagined The Client List. Carry on, JLH, we can’t hardly maybe wait for season two.

(Via National Enquirer)

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