Important (To No One): Donald Trump Identifies His Favorite And Least Favorite Reporters

02.17.14 4 years ago 2 Comments

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Over on Buzzfeed, for some reason on of their reporters, McKay Coppins, decided to follow Donald Trump around for 36 hours, ostensibly to watch his non-existent campaign for Governor of New York not exist, but more likely in the hopes of witnessing Donald Trump say something dumb, which could then be reported in order to reinforce the fact that Donald Trump is dumb. JOURNALISM.

Unfortunately, after spending 36 hours with a buffoon, the only interesting thing that McKay Coppins could cajole out of Donald Trump was his opinion on other reporters, and by “interesting,” I mean, “interesting” for a slow-news President’s Day holiday.

Who does Trump like and not like? Here’s a rundown:


They include Times columnist Maureen Dowd (“a terrific person”); Diane Sawyer (also “a terrific person”); New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser (“a firecracker” who “actually is a legitimate reporter”); Good Morning America co-host George Stephanopoulos (“he has treated me really, really fairly”); CBS News correspondent Bob Schieffer (“such a professional”); Morning Joe co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski (“they have a wonderful show”); the entire Fox News primetime lineup; Rush Limbaugh; Mark Levin; and, of course, Mark Halperin.

Does Not Like, Would Not Bang

“It’s funny; I have a tremendous hit show on NBC, and the NBC guys…” he pauses to choose his words carefully. “Chuck Todd does not treat me nicely… Brian Williams is not someone who treats me well.” But, he hastens to add, “That’s his prerogative.”

Trump Methodology

“I go by two things: I go by how well they treat me, and I go by if they are fair and if they are right.”

Trump explains that he doesn’t necessarily “like” the members of the press so much as he “respect[s]” them. More to the point, he understands them — how to feed them, how to flatter them, how to use them, how to put on a show for them, and how to intimidate them. Sometimes, he does all of it in one interview

Yeah, but what does Trump think of Anderson Cooper? THIS LIST IS INVALID.

Source: Buzzfeed

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