Important: Here Is The Russian Police Choir Performing ‘Sex Bomb’ By Tom Jones

The Russian Police Choir took the Internet by storm late Friday afternoon with their hyper-charismatic rendition of Daft Punk’s summer anthem “Get Lucky.” Especially the guy on the right in the banner pic up there. He’s a star. He’s like the Justin Timberlake of the Russian Police Choir. Ten years from now he’ll drop an album with Timbaland and flip the whole game on its head. Mark my words. (Related: If we want to take the analogy even further, we could say that calling him the Justin Timberlake of the group implies that there could be a second, rival police choir that serves as the Backstreet Boys to this group’s N’Sync. I must know more about Russian police choirs.)

All of which raises the following question: How can this story possibly get better?

Well, like this: The choir appeared on the Today show this morning. They performed “Get Lucky” again, which I recommend watching mostly for “Look at Al Roker dance” related reasons, but they also did an interview with Meredith Viera, which led to the exchange between her and Russian Police Choir Justin Timberlake:

“Do you know what the lyrics mean?” Meredith asked after reading the lyrics to them: “She’s up all night ’til the sun/ I’m up all night to get some/ She’s up all night for good fun/ I’m up all night to get lucky.”

“There are some slang moments. We know about them but we won’t say them,” the translator said.

And in all good fun, Meredith asked when was the last time they “got lucky.”

“Before Sochi because the general says it’s not allowed and that our luck is here in Sochi.”

Yes, that is wonderful, no doubt (although it does make me wonder what kind of magic we missed out on thanks to NBC not sending Kathie Lee and Hoda to Russia), but can it get even better? Like, maybe they performed “Sex Bomb” by Tom Jones and someone snagged a short clip and put it on Instagram?


I want these guys to play my next birthday party.

Source: Today