Update: Two Suspects Tried To Break The Guy Fieri Lamborghini Thief Out Of Juvy With A Sledgehammer

Do you guys remember the story about the teenager who stole Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini? I really hope you do, because it is probably my favorite news story of all time. Here’s a quick refresher if you’re a little fuzzy on the details:

Last March Guy Fieri’s $200,000 Lamborghini was stolen from a high-end car dealership outside of San Francisco. According to police, the thief had scaled the building the car was being stored in, rappelled down from the roof into the garage, cut the lock, and drove the celebrity chef’s sports car right out the door. There was no news on the case until this May, when police arrested 17-year-old high school student Max Wade, who had parked the car inside a storage locker containing “a potpourri of gadgetry” including “automatic weapons, a [full San Francisco] police uniform, sophisticated electronic transmitting devices, bugs and other evidence of possible criminal activity.”

As if a teenager going all Mission Impossible to steal Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini isn’t insane enough, the way he was caught might have been even wilder. Police were tipped off to Wade’s involvement in the theft by a girl he had a crush on, who he had allegedly fired five shots at from the back of a speeding black motorcycle after she started dating someone else. And when they found the storage locker, they realized he may have been responsible for a months-long crime spree across Northern California. Long story short, he was essentially living Grand Theft Auto.

Well now we have an update, and it shouldn’t surprise you at all to find out that it is also completely bonkers: Police are currently on the lookout for at least two suspects who they believe were trying to break Wade out of a juvenile detention facility last night. With a sledgehammer.

The attempted break-in happened at Marin County Juvenile Hall about 4:30 a.m. Friday when staff heard banging on the walls and saw “at least two people out there with a sledge hammer,” said Sheriff’s Lt. Barry Heying.

The suspects fled before more than 40 deputies and other officers arrived at the scene and searched the buildings and neighborhood. […]

Wade turned 18 Friday and was scheduled to be transferred to the county’s adult jail.

Investigators found holes cut into two perimeter fences, a sledge hammer, bolt cutters and a damaged window at Wade’s cell, according to the Marin Independent Journal.

They also discovered a backpack that contained a change of clothes. [CBS News]

Jesus Christ. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me at this point if a helicopter lands on the roof of the courthouse during his trial and spirits him away to a hideout in a country with no extradition. We’ll have no choice but to send Vin Diesel on a top secret mission to get him back.