In Shocking News, Kat Dennings Admits She Was A Goth Kid Growing Up

Look I suppose 2 Broke Girls is still on the air or something. That’s why Kat Dennings is on Conan dressed like a Saudi housewife while dropping revelations about her past left and right.

Did you know Kat Dennings was a goth girl as a child? Don’t pretend that you did because this is the Internet and you’re too cool for whatever juvie program you were forced into. Act like you know because it was written in the stars the first time we all laid eyes on her. Here’s some adorable proof:

My first thought was the kid from Cops And Robbersons starring Chevy Chase, but I know that’s only because my brain is hurt real bad. Her true inspiration came from Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family, memorably brought to life by Christina Ricci. This leads me to the obvious thought: team-up motion picture.

All grown up and starring in a low budget, grindhouse, hard-boiled detective story. We can call it Lady Goth Detectives (go screw, Russel Brand and Noel Fielding) and they can make out. Maybe solve crimes. Let’s just allow things to unfold naturally.

(Via Team Coco)