In Which ‘Hannibal’ Gets Re-Cut As A Wacky Food Network Reality Show

This is a re-cut that imagines NBC’s Hannibal as a kind of Food Network-y reality competition show called Hannibal’s Celebrity Kitchen. It’s … pretty good! I guess! The editing is pretty on-point, especially the bouncy music and jerky, reality shows camera move. And using clips from the actors’ press interviews about the show as the fake show’s interview cutaways was an inspired decision, as was pretending that the celebrities were at the table themselves, instead of in character. I don’t know. I give the whole thing a A-. I’m such an easy grader.

Now if someone could please try to re-cut Suits as a reality show about a bunch of very intense people running competing formal wear shops in Manhattan, I’d certainly appreciate it.

Source: Dylan Dubeau