The Top Killers For Each Season Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Explained With Helpful Infographics

Ever wonder who’s killed the most zombies on The Walking Dead? Or the most people? Imgur user MorbidMalignant has put some serious work into tabulating zombie apocalypse stats, and they were layed out in infographics that let us know who’s got the high scores for each season of the AMC show. The complete batch, including many more stats, can be seen right here, but for now, let’s look at the top 10 killers.

Crazy thing to note here is how Glenn has never killed a human, an impressive feat that certainly puts his Gandhi-like restraint over the final episodes of Season 5 into perspective. Meanwhile, Rick is sitting at just more than half as many human kills as The Governor.

Season 1 was an optimistic season with few humans killed by fellow humans.

Who’d have thought Andrea would be on the top of the list for Season 2? We’re also seeing the beginnings of more human killings, with Rick and Shane both taking out their first breathing people.

The Governor gets the distinction of being the only character on the show to kill more humans than zombies. Meanwhile, Daryl and Michonne get their zombie-killing grooves on, topped only by Rick, the unstoppable walker-killing machine.

Rick Grimes takes some time off to become a farmer, allowing fresh faces to top the list of killers this season. Meanwhile, Glenn continues to have strong season after strong season, making him the Philip Rivers of the group.

Finally, Glenn gets his moment at the top, in large part due to the drive through the walker swarm on the highway. The competition is fierce at this point, with seven of the top 10 posting 20+ kill seasons. It’ll be interesting to see how the stats play out for Season 6. Depending on how many Wolves are in the woods, there could be a lot more human kills popping up.

A big props to MorbidMalignant for his hard work on these. His full set of infographics can be viewed here.