Injury Added to Insult

In a tragedy closely mirroring the Battle of New Orleans, actor The Very Handsome Eddie Cibrian was injured on the set of “The Playboy Club” after the show had already been canceled. The Chicago Sun-Times explains:

Cibrian injured his right heel while running down an alley on the show’s set at Cinespace Studios, 2558 West 16th. The actor received a deep gash on his heel after it caught underneath a 200-pound steel door, the source said.

Though the NBC show was cancelled after the third episode aired Monday night, the show’s production company had plans to continue filming in Chicago until Oct. 10 with the hopes of eventually shopping the series to another network.

For those of you not up on your American history: 1) FOR SHAME. 2) The Battle of New Orleans was the final battle of The War of 1812, and was fought entirely after the peace treaty between America and the British Empire had been signed halfway around the world. So in this analogy, as in many others, Eddie Cibrian’s foot would represent thousands of troops who died fighting a pointless battle, Amber Heard would be Dolley Madison, and the Parents Television Council would be the stuffy, uptight British Empire whose tyrannical rule we are all desperate to escape. Oh, and “The Playboy Club” would be Native Americans, because they were the only ones who really got screwed in the war. Shocker.

Class dismissed. Quiz Friday.