Amy Schumer Says She Knows The Fate Of Jon Snow In This ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Clip

03.31.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

Inside Amy Schumer is back on April 21, but even more importantly (sorry, Ames), Game of Thrones is back just three days later on April 24. So viewers will finally know the fate of Jon Snow after 10 grueling, excruciating, long months of frenzied internet speculation. (Unless the premiere episode just toooootally bypasses the Wall storyline, which I could kind of see happen and would be equal parts cruel and hilarious on HBO’s part.)

And despite her rampant overexposure, even Amy Schumer knows that Thrones is still the most anticipated show of the year, which is why she attempts to capitalize off the success of the HBO series in this latest promo clip for Inside Amy Schumer. Is Jon Snow “definitely alive,” as she claims? Well, he wasn’t hanging out in Belfast for his health, we know that much. So tune in to Inside Amy Schumer on April 21, even if it doesn’t provide any additional clues as to our favorite mop-haired member of the Knight’s Watch.

(Via E! Online)

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