‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Spoofed ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’ With ‘Babies & Bustiers’

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05.19.15 2 Comments

In this Inside Amy Schumer clip that Comedy Central released online this week, Amy Schumer and her Cabbage Patch Doll face play the Honey Boo Boo-esque Amy Merryweather Sherman, a 6-year-old with “Fetal Red Bull Syndrome,” which causes her to age five times faster than a normal child. But it’s guest star Jennifer Coolidge who really steals the show as Cleopatra Sherman, the deranged stage mom who declares: “Every stage mother I’ve ever met is absolutely crazy; and it’s weird to be the only grounded one in the bunch.”

Come for the casual Southern racism against “Asian people,” stay for an oversized 6-year-old suffering from a wardrobe malfunction.

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