One Corner Of The Internet Is In Complete Denial About The Events Of Last Week’s ‘Game Of Thrones’


While most of the conversation after this week’s Game of Thrones, “Home,” was about the fate of Jon Snow post-resurrection and his future, arguably an even more interesting storyline in this week’s episode came to a head when Ramsay Bolton shoved a knife into his father’s gut, killing him, and then fed his stepmom and new baby brother to the dogs. Literally.

Some parts of the internet were upset, arguing that Game of Thrones had gone too far (again), while others were quick to remind us that the Ramsay Bolton in the book was much, much worse.

However, there are others — those in the House Bolton subreddit — who are in complete denial. Not only are they arguing that what happened on the show doesn’t count because it’s not canon —

— but some are even under the misconception that Ramsay did not kill his father at all. In fact, they believe that Roose Bolton was poisoned by the Starks.

In fact, what many of us thought we saw — Ramsay stabbing his father Roose Bolton — was actually Ramsay holding his dying father, after he was poisoned by the cowardly Starks.

From Redditor E-Nezzer:

“Look at how Lord Ramsay held his father in his arms until his very last breath, hopelessly trying to help him anyway he could as Lord Roose slowly died by poison, murdered by his cowardly enemies. There’s no hidden knife, no treachery, just sadness and despair in Lord Ramsay’s eyes as he is forced to witness his father’s life be so unjustly taken.

Don’t believe in the lies of our enemies, they are just trying to divide us and weaken us. But don’t worry, our new Lord Bolton shall soon avenge his father and bring those cowards to justice.

What about Lady Walda? What happened to her? Sadly, according to the Dreadfort deniers, Lady Walda and her son were also killed by the same traitorous Starks that killed Lord Bolton, kidnapped Lady Sansa, and stole Ramsay’s best friend from him. Here was the last known moment between Lady Walda and Ramsay.

Some, however, continue to insist that Ramsay Bolton killed his father, and the Dreadfort Deniers won’t have it.

Some mischief makers and whisper mongers (Stark loyalists no doubt) are saying Lord Ramsay is somehow responsible for his father’s martyrdom.

Why on earth would Lord Ramsay do such a thing when he’s spent his entire life trying to please his father and has achieved everything his father set him out to do.

Now its time we bid allegiance to Lord Ramsay, he already has a difficult task ahead of him as the new Warden of the North, he has to find his father’s killers and also deal with Ned Stark’s revived bastard, who’ll be looking at Winterfell with that ugly pig nose..

Let’s unite and push the bestial hatred they bear our leaders back down their own throats!

The power of denial is strong. I’m certain that once they track down Sansa and Reek, they will be able to confirm their suspicions about the traitorous Starks, and if they do not, Ramsay Bolton will torture them until they do. As they say in House Bolton of the Dreadfort, “A naked man has few secrets; a flayed man, none.” (Please don’t flay, Sansa.)

Source: Reddit