The Woman Who Eats Cat Fur And 7 More Awesome Internet Finds From UPROXX Readers

Last week, I compiled a bunch of cool Internet finds that readers send but don’t necessarily rise to the level of their own post. The post went over well with you folks (thanks Vica Kerekes, GOOD LORD), and this week, we were sent some more cool finds, so we thought we’d turn this into a regular UPROXX feature. Whenever we amass enough finds from readers, we’ll trot it out and share with you what you have sent us. If you see stuff around the Internet related to television, movies, or pop culture, and it hasn’t been covered on one of our sites, please send it along to and we may feature it in our next edition of Awesome Internet Finds. Also, seriously, thanks for sending us tips, videos, and other assorted stuff.

We’ll start with the video above, which both Vince at Filmdrunk and Upstate Underdog sent us about half an hour apart. It’s from My Strange Addictions, and features a disgusting, repulsive woman who eats cat hair.

Joshua asks if Tommy Page from Full House and Jay Cutler are twins? I don’t really see it, but I’ll leave it up to y’all to provide Joshua with some validation.

Nick from Slacktory sent us this Party Down trailer which posits that Adam Scott’s character is a serial killer.

Danger actually sent this around, and it is FANTASTIC. Here’s a picture of Alex Trebek when he was 23 hosting a show in 1963 called Music Hop, which I’m assuming must have been some Canadian version of American Bandstand.

Now, this is just mean, but Jacob wanted to highlight the size of Kaley Cuoco’s fingers. Normally, I wouldn’t stoop to this, but she’s a Big Bang Theory actor, so I’ll let it slide.

This is just plain-ass gross: Dalin sent this video of a few BYU college students who didn’t brush their teeth for 48 hours and ate a bunch of disgusting foods, and then breathed in people’s faces to see if they’d be honest about the smell of their breath. The results are mixed.

We’ve mentioned the Breaking Bad action figures from Meszo in the past, and Vanessa dropped us a note to let us know they are officially on sale now. You can have your own Aaron Paul plushie doll.

Finally, and speaking of Breaking Bad, as you folks know, I often get theories sent to me about Breaking Bad (because of this), and I’ve shared a few, including this insane one, and a theory foreshadowing the death of Skyler. Regarding the latter theory, it goes something like this: On the show, we know that whenever Walt kills someone, he takes on one of their characteristics. In the first episode of the fifth season, he’s rearranging his bacon into his age on his birthday, just like Skyler used to do, which portends the possibility that Walt kills Skyler. That theory was sent by John K., and the characteristic that he attributed to Walt after Gus’ death was the fact that Walter began driving estate cars, just like Gus. That was actually the more shaky of the characteristics he supposedly inherited from those he killed. Patrick W. has a better one:

Any time that Gus had a business meeting, prior to leaving, he would stand up and shake the others’ hand. Walt does this shortly after killing Gus, when he was setting up his own scheme. Had you noticed this?

I had not picked up on that, and it’s certainly more evidence to suggest the foreshadowing of Skyler’s death. Then again, as Vince Gilligan has noted, he didn’t know how the series would end, but he had placed clues leading to a number of possibilities. It’s possible that both the bacon re-arranging and Walt’s standing up and shaking hands are both clues that would fit into that conclusion. In any case, it’s fun to speculate; it’s one of the best parts of Breaking Bad as opposed to say, The Following, where the clues are spoonfed with a pickaxe.