Who Does The Internet Think Will Die In The Fourth Season Finale Of ‘The Walking Dead’?

Truthfully, I have no real idea who is going to die. Based on comments that Robert Kirkman has made, we know that apparently NO ONE is safe (even Rick and Daryl), and it’s likely — according to this interview with Kirkman — that the season will end on a shocking cliffhanger, and we’ll be left scratching our heads all summer long. I think it’s somewhat safe to assume that Joe and his grumpy marauders will bite it (or at least, a few of the marauders will), but among the regular cast members, I’m simply not sure. But looking around the Internet, I can tell you that there’s a lot of guessing about who it might be, so let’s take a look at some of the clues the Internet has provided.

Minor spoilers (from promos) below.

First of all, I don’t know why AMC doesn’t provide us with cool promos like this one from the Philippines, which will likely be yanked by day’s end, so watch it while you can. There are no major spoilers in it or anything, but it definitely gives us an idea of what to expect at Terminus this Sunday night, and what to expect in the Rick/Carl/Michonne storyline.

There will definitely be showdowns.

It also appears as though Rick is going to lose his mind, and maybe that’s because Carl dies? Or more likely, it’s because Carl is in danger’s way?

Is that where the episode will end? On that cliffhanger?

Readers over on The Walking Dead forums think the more likely characters to die are Beth, Joe, and/or Bob. If it is Beth, someone over on Reddit pointed to this potential foreshadowing.

The least likely to die according to that forum: Abraham, Rick, Michonne, and Carl.

AMC has a new poster which not only strongly suggests that Beth will return in the finale, but is this a hint as to her fate?

There’s a similar poster with Carol on it, and Carol is not a terrible guess. Carol was actually supposed to die in season three. As you recall, Hershel was also supposed to die earlier in the series, and he finally met his demise earlier this season. Maybe Kirkman has kept Carol on as long as he could? Maybe her borrowed time is up?

Some people around the Internet are suggesting it might be Maggie, based on the fact that she burned that photo of herself in the last episode. That would SUCK. Screencrush dismisses that possibility based on the fact that Maggie has the most sex appeal among the cast (Rosalita could fill that vaccuum), but they also suggest that Glenn is the MOST likely to die, based on the fact that too often characters who go through the kind of journey Glenn has had during the last eight episodes end up dead. Screencrush also ranks Daryl uncomfortably high.

Meanwhile, over on EW, they don’t have any strong reasoning behind their predictions, but they think the most likely death victims might be Bob, Sasha, Carol, and Rick. If they’re going with the most undercooked character, maybe Sasha is the most likely choice, though I’d be bummed to lose the possibility of a Bob and Sasha relationship next season.

It feels like one of the more unpredictable season finales (and I’m not even sure if the comic-book readers have some inside knowledge), but another strong possibility is that NO major character dies. The series has been known to knock off characters in mid-season finales, but as Forbes points out, the only MAJOR character to die in any of the season finales so far has been Andrea. It’s usually only secondary characters, which points to Joe, the marauders, maybe Mary, or possibly Rosalita. The series doesn’t really need to kill anyone major off; it’s a season finale, so the ratings will obviously already be there. It’s probably more important to establish interest in next season, which is where the cliffhanger comes in.

In any case, I’m sure it will be a huge episode, so if you’re not watching live, make sure to stay off social media.