A New ‘Iron Fist’ Clip Shows Colleen Wing Breaking Faces In A Cage Fight

Netflix just rolled out the first trailer for Iron Fist, but it’s not wasting any time backing it up with more footage. First shown at New York Comic-Con, the above finished clip is the casual reader’s introduction to Colleen Wing, ass-kicker extraordinaire, played by Jessica Henwick.

Wing is best known for teaming up with Misty Knight and working with Iron Fist and Luke Cage among comics fans, but the Japanese detective/butt-kicker isn’t really well-known outside of comics pages. Marvel has clearly chosen to lead with the whole “She will end you” thing, which is stated clearly with two large dudes getting pummeled senseless, although considering their martial style is the Standing Flail, it’s kind of amazing they last longer than ten seconds.

As to why Colleen Wing is in the cage in the first place, in the comics, she’s first sent over to meet him courtesy of her grandfather, who later is murdered and who Iron Fist helps her avenge. So presumably if she’s in New York in this series, it’s to settle some business that Iron Fist somehow gets tangled up in, possibly the question of Madame Gao. Either that or she just likes beating ass in cage matches. We’ll find out when Iron Fist arrives March 17th.

(via Netflix)