Irreverent show to skewer popular film

07.13.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

Adult Swim’s “Robot Chicken” is readying a third spoof of the popular Star Wars franchise, this time with C3PO voice talent Anthony Daniels and High School Musical’s Zac Efron joining the cast.  “Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III” is expected to “riff” on all aspects of George Lucas’ sci-fi universe and, just like the two previous specials, have action figures kicking each other in the nuts.  The special will have thirteen different writers, because you can’t expect one guy to come up with something as funny as C-3PO going through a metal detector.

In addition to Daniels and Charlie St. Cloud, “Community” co-star Donald Glover and “Cleveland Show” co-creator Mike Henry will make their debut “Robot Chicken” appearances. Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian) and Ahmed Best (Jar Jar Binks) will also return.

“We wanted to take the Star Wars universe and see if through the eyes of our Robot Chicken: Star Wars Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Gary the Stormtrooper,” said co-creator Matthew Senreich. “Yeahhhh!” he added, then continued playing video games.

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