On ‘The Walking Dead,’ Has An Alexandrian Really Gone To The Dark Side?

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02.26.17 3 Comments


“I’m Negan. I’m utterly, completely stone-cold Negan,” Eugene Porter told the real Negan in the final moments of tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Hostiles and Calamities.”

“I’ve always been Negan. I just needed to meet you properly to know. I’m Negan.”

The question most fans are left with after the episode is this: Is Eugene being honest? Or is he lying to protect himself? Did he tell Negan that he was one of them because he wants to be a Savior, or is Eugene too scared to stand up to Negan the way that Daryl did?

There’s plenty of evidence on both sides. On the one hand, why shouldn’t Dwight want to be a part of The Saviors? He gets any food that he wants. They appreciate him for his intelligence — and they also believe he’s smarter than he actually is. Negan has offered him protection. He receives attention from women, which is practically unheard of for Eugene in Alexandria. He gets to play video games; he has access to the supplies he needs to utilize the intelligence that often went wasted in Alexandria; Negan adores him; and he gets all the pickles he could ever want.

Euguene has a sweet gig over on Negan’s outpost, a much better life than he’s had in Alexandria, where his closest friend Abraham held him in contempt before he died, and where he is often patronized.

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