Is ‘The Daily Show’ Turning Us Into Cynical A**holes?

When The Daily Show first dropped, there had really been nothing like it on TV. News had been satirized many times before, but this was news being satirized by a news outfit that was still, ultimately, delivering news. Very meta, I know.  But it was how it delivered news that has some people wondering if the snarky tone of The Daily Show has slowly but surely turned a great many of us into cynics and a**holes. Chuck Todd from Meet the Press posed this very question (though worded a wee bit differently) to Daily Show alumni, Lewis Black, who responded just as brilliantly as you’d expect from a Daily Show alumni.

“You could say we’re somehow dumbing down something that’s been dumbed down over the course of my life,” responded man-ashtray Lewis Black. “We’ve moved closer to living at the corner where satire and reality intersect.”

Black said the oversaturation of news almost immediately deprives an event of its initial shock and quickly renders it into material. “You hear these people say the same things over and over; the first time you go, ‘What?!’ by by the third time a politician says something, you’re laughing.” (Via MediaIte)

Wait, did they just call him a man-ashtray? So you can put other lit men out on Lewis Black? Wow, his response was solid, but who knew he was cursed with such a burden? Someone call the X-Men. For those interested in what else was exchanged verbally, here you go:

Story via Mediate