Is This How You’d Rank the 12 Greatest NBC Comedies Of All Time?

09.11.12 6 years ago 111 Comments

Ahead of the last season of The Office, and the debut of three new sitcoms on NBC this week — Go On (generically amusing), The New Normal (equally hilarious and annoying, so far) and Men with Kids (terrible, absolutely terrible) — Jen Chaney at The Washington Post took it upon herself to rank the 10 best NBC comedies in the network’s history, if by 10 you mean 12 (there were two slots with ties) and if by “in the history of NBC,” you mean, since the 1980s.

Let’s take a look at her Top 12. How would you rank them?

10. Community and Scrubs
9. Will & Grace
8. 30 Rock
7. Parks and Recreation
6. Frasier
5. Family Ties
4. The Office
3. Friends
2. The Cosby Show
1. Seinfeld and Cheers

It’s hard to argue with the actual shows included on the list, although I’d like to think that Night Court, Sanford & Son, Golden Girls and Mad About You at least got some consideration. Notwithstanding some very good early seasons, I’m not sure The Office merits placement that high, and I’ve likewise always been somewhat indifferent to Will & Grace (though I recognize its cultural importance).

Not a bad ranking, overall, though I have to say the whole endeavor highlights how far NBC has fallen. There is nothing on their new slate of shows that even approaches anything on this list, although ultimately, J.J. Abrams’ Revolution may go down as NBC’s greatest comedy ever.

Of course, I’d probably also rank Scrubs higher, but I have a unnatural affection for it.

Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about a Scrubs movie? I would watch the crap out of that.

(Source: WashPo)

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