It’s All Out War In The Latest TV Spot For ‘Orphan Black’ Season Three

03.22.15 4 years ago 2 Comments

Last season, Orphan Black dropped the bomb shell of a lifetime by revealing the existence of self-aware male clones raised by the military. Because of that, there have been many questions as to what the presence of Project Castor will do to the status quo of the series’ universe, and according to the latest TV spot from the show’s Canadian broadcaster, Space, the answer is all out war.

Based on this sampling of new footage, it definitely seems like season three is going to be the most kinetic and action packed yet. Though, if that is the case, one would hope it doesn’t detract from the real reason most people are tuning in: for the magical performance being brought to the screen by Tatiana Maslany as the various Leda sisters. As long as that remains intact and in full form, everything else is secondary.

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