You Will Soon Be Able To Play The Game Of Games With ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’-Themed Beer

Have you ever wanted to live life like a Paddy’s Pub patron? You know, one of those disheveled, bearded, all-male alcoholics in the background of every It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia scene, who rarely talk and always look like they’re one dirty beer mug away from shooting themselves in the head to end the never-ceasing pain that is existence. WELL NOW YOU CAN, kind of, WITH IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY-THEMED BEER.

Fresh off the finale of its 12-year Vertical Epic series, California’s Stone Brewing Co. has announced its first collaboration beer of 2013, and it is a fun one for fans of the TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Dayman Coffee IPA is a collaboration with Illinois-based Two Brothers Brewing Co. and Chicago-based Aleman, a brewing collective that first made the beer earlier in the year and won the 2012 Iron Brew homebrewing competition with it. (Via)

Good thing they went with Dayman, not Nightman — probably best not to associate beer with a man breaking into your house to rape you. Anyway, Dayman Beer. This is excellent news, and I’m a big fan of the recent TV-themed beer trend, beginning with Game of Thrones and Ommegang. What’s next? Archer Gummy Bear-Flavored Scotch? Lindsay Bluth’s Hot Ham Vodka? BREAKING BAD METH? God I hope so.

(Via Sarah Sprague) (Via The Drink Nation)