‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Totally Predicted The ‘Peeple’ App

When news first broke of the problematic new people-rating app, Peeple, the first thing I thought of was Dennis Reynolds from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia screaming, “I’M A FIVE-STAR MAN!”

In season 10 of Always Sunny, which aired earlier this year, an episode called “The Gang Group Dates” involves a Tinder-style dating app called “Buncher,” that the gang becomes obsessed with after Dee begins using it to date men for the sole purpose of sleeping with them and giving them a one-star rating.

Of course this infuriates Dennis, who begins using the app to orchestrate group dates, and in turn — coming off like the complete sociopath he is — elicits poor ratings of his own from the terrified women who he encounters. Clearly, I am not the only person who drew this parallel, as it didn’t take long for some genius on the internet to produce the above cut, “Life with Peeple.” We’re looking at the future, ladies and gentleman. Better embrace it, or it could be detrimental to your own rating.