‘It’s Always Sunny’ Makes A Plea For Overdue Award Consideration In The Course Of Unveiling A New Premiere Date

Over the course of the 13 seasons its been on television, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been nominated for a criminally scant amount of awards — despite a cult status and overwhelmingly positive critical reception. In fact, the long-running FX (and later FXX) series has only ever won a 2011 Satellite Award and 2016 Peoples Choice Award. The lack of recognition has become a running joke with the series, and it even devoted an entire episode to it with the season nine aptly titled episode: “The Gang Tries Desperately To Win An Award.”

But at this point, honestly, it’s just starting to get ridiculous, which is why It’s Always Sunny teased its 14th season premiere date announcement with the above video, “For Your Consideration,” which notes: “Give ‘em an f’ing award. For anything. We’ll beg. We’re not above that. Clearly.”

The (mostly) tongue-in-cheek video highlights the many reasons why the series once described as “like Seinfeld on crack” deserves an award, such as its contributions to subjects tackling gun control, racism, bathroom rights, the #MeToo movement, homelessness, etc., etc. “So give them a f***cking award,” a title card notes. “It can be for literally anything.” Costumes? Sure. Best infomercial? Why not. Second best incestual couple on TV? Uh, why not!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns to FXX with Season 14 on September 25, 2019. But seriously, if the season 13 finale doesn’t get them an Emmy nom, we riot.