Gain A New Appreciation For The Stunts On ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Thanks To This Behind-The-Scenes Look

Things are rarely easy for the gang on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Mind you, making deals with Boko Haram and so on isn’t the easiest way to go through life. (Just spitballin’.) Season 12 was a rather ambitious one from a storyline perspective and apparently full of risks on the stunt side too.

Arriving on FXX’s YouTube outpost is a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse into the assorted stunts trotted out on Sunny in 2017. Sadly, resident badass Mac isn’t available to explain all the freerunning and explosion details, but in a zippy two-and-a-half minutes we’re presented with a tidy info chunklet that doubles as a highlight reel of some of the more harrowing physical scenes from the most recent go-around. Full Disclosure: It’s very strange to see a green screen, but no Green Man.

Speaking of Sunny viewing goodness, the show’s return date is still a relative mystery. The end of season 12 raised a lot of questions about the future status of one core Sunny talent and they’re not the only face at Paddy’s with other projects to juggle. It’s a show worth waiting for, but maybe we can weasel a PCP-laced mini-series expanding on the romance between Cricket and Belle in the meantime? C’mon, make it happen.

(Via Indiewire)

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