9 Terms From ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ You Should Be Using All The Time

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01.06.16 6 Comments

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has done wonders for humanity’s daily vocabulary. Much like SeinfeldAlways Sunny can introduce a new term or phrase in an episode, and you’ll finally have a way to describe your last brown out or flip cup competition. Here are some of the best entries that our favorite depraved alcoholics have taught us.

“Cultivating Mass” (verb) – Gaining Weight

This is a great one to deflect any comments about your current state after the holidays. Mac (or Big Fat Mac) tells Dennis that he’s not gaining weight, he’s “cultivating mass,” which is at least an original way of justifying carrying around a bag of tacos and looking like a chimichanga. Plus, you also get another way of saying that you’re losing weight.

“Troll Toll” (noun) – A Fee

Have a particularly heinous act you wanna commit? You gotta pay the troll toll (hey hey heyyyy). Okay, so it doesn’t have to be a tasteful rape scene per se, but whatever it is, it probably makes you a bad person if you’re paying it.

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