A Bar Is Throwing An ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’-Themed Party Complete With Rum Ham

Unlike Charlie Kelly, you’re not afraid to leave Philadelphia, so if you happen to find yourself in London this weekend, you may want to check out the Four Quarters. The retro arcade-themed bar is hosting a post-St. Patrick’s Day (or St. Paddy’s Day) tribute to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Yes, Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games is involved, so Donkey Kong can suck it.

Here’s the drink and food menus.

Wine in a Can – £4.50
Whoors Light – £4 (our own house lager)
Coors Light Bottles – £3.50
“Boggs Bucket” – 6 bottles in a bucket for £18
“Riot Punch” – £5
“Fight Milk” – £5

Milk Steak with a side of Jelly Beans – £8
Rum Ham – £8
Grilled Charlie – £5
Mac’s Mac & Cheese £5
Spaghetti in a ziplock bag – £5

I wouldn’t eat the mac and cheese.

Entertainment includes ocular pat downs, a flip cup tournament, “Nightman karaoke,” six-hour marathon of episodes, and an It’s Always Sunny quiz, the winners of which get to play Chardee MacDennis. I can only assume that once the festivities wrap up on March 20, the Four Quarters will be reduced to a pile of nothing. The bar had a good run, but it’s time for the rats to take over.

To find out more about “It’s Always Sunny in Peckham,” including ticket information, click here. How do you say “jabroni” in British?

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