Rob McElhenney Invites The Lesbian Teen Kicked Out Of Prom To Wear Her Suit On ‘It’s Always Sunny’

Aniya Wolf, a student at Bishop McDevitt High School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was recently kicked out of her prom for wearing a suit. She told WHTM that a school official grabbed her by the arm at the dance and threatened to call the police. “A lot of girls’ dresses,” Wolf said, “I mean I’m not saying that all of them are this way, but they do show a lot of skin. I think I’m dressed pretty modestly.” The incident made her feel like “a mistake.”

When “extraordinary” It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney heard about what happened, he reached out to Wolf on Twitter. “Aniya, I love your suit. Would u like to wear it on Sunny?” he tweeted. She responded, “You are kidding right??” Fat Mac don’t play: “I am not. We’ll be in Philly the last week of June. We need a little extra style and class. Can you help us?”

How will you know it’s Wolf? She’ll be the one in the killer suit. Then again, “style and class” on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia might mean picking up bags of garbage in tuxedos. Wolf has no idea what she signed up for.

(via WHTM)