It’s… It’s Beautiful.

10.21.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

I’m sure there’s some really important TV news out there somewhere, but right now I’m transfixed by this GIF, an animated compilation of the photos that Luke Perry took with fans at DragonCon. Just look at him! He’s so thrilled to be showered with the adoration of fans!

Also, while I’m screwing around and not getting real work done, I’d like to point out a new wrinkle on the periphery of the blog: to the right, you’ll see a sign-up form for The Daily Breakdown. Sign up and you get a daily email with all the awesome stuff on the Internet, minus all the hassle of searching for it. C’mon, do it. You don’t want to disappoint Lobster Dog, do you?

[GIF via Best Roof Talk Ever]

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