It’s Lights Out In Los Angeles In The Latest ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Teaser

A few things about the latest teaser for AMC’s new Walking Dead companion series, Fear the Walking Dead.

  • It depicts a massive power outage, making the Los Angeles skyline dark.
  • This is, presumably, bad.
  • The citizens, for reasons that are unclear, have apparently organized a giant bonfire that spells out the word “FEAR” in bright orange flames.
  •  Why anyone would want to write the word “FEAR” in giant flame letters — instead of, say, “HELP” or “RESCUE US” or even “AHHHH ZOMBIES” — is totally beyond me.
  • Given the current weather conditions in California, starting a huge fire seems like maybe not the best idea? Like, if you want to send a message, perhaps use a lot of sticks or scrap metal or something. Not quite as flashy and eye-catching, but when that fire spreads in the drought, the message will be illegible anyway. Think this through, people.
  • Unless… did the walkers start the fire? How very theatrical of them.
  •  This teaser is 10-20 times funnier if you picture a team of zombies in black turtlenecks sneaking into a city building and pulling a giant lever that controls the power.

Season one of Fear the Walking Dead premieres Sunday, Aug. 23 at 9 p.m.