It’s Official: James Corden Is Craig Ferguson’s Replacement On ‘The Late Late Show’

09.08.14 9 Comments

The news that British writer and comedian James Corden is replacing Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show has been floating around out there for a little over a month now, but CBS went ahead and confirmed it this morning with an official announcement. The plan right now is for Ferguson to end his run in December and for Corben to take over at some point in 2015, probably in January after the break for the holidays.

What say you, CBS executive, Nina Tassler?

“James Corden is a rare entertainment force who combines irresistible charm, warmth and originality with a diverse range of creative instincts and performance talent. He is the ultimate multi-hyphenate – a writer, creator and performer who is loved and respected in every medium he touches, including theater, comedy, music, film and television. James is already a big star in the UK and he’s wowed American audiences on Broadway; we’re very excited to introduce his considerable and very unique talents to our network television audience on a daily basis.”

If you happen to be an American who is not familiar with popular Broadway productions, and still are not sure exactly who or what a “James Corden” is, here again is our helpful guide to the latest white guy in a dark suit to be given a late night talk show. Let’s meet up again in, say, April or June of next year to see if this was a good idea.

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