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MTV’s “It’s On with Alexa Chung” has been renewed for another season.  You probably don’t watch it, but I’ve caught a couple pieces of episodes here and there, and it’s actually pretty good.  You know, if you like witty part-Asian former models with British accents.  (I just typed that with my boner, by the way.)

The MTV programme, which sees the former T4 presenter chatting to various celebrities at her New York studio, has seen its ratings triple since debuting in May.

What I like about Chung is that she’s smart and hot and totally approachable.  In fact, I think if we got introduced I’d totally stand a chance at getting–

Chung is expected to return to the UK later this month to watch boyfriend Alex Turner perform with the Arctic Monkeys at Reading Festival.

–a polite handshake.  A chance at getting a polite handshake.  Dammit.  I really wish my parents had taught me how to play guitar instead of reading to me.

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