These Five Fall TV Shows Are The Ones To Watch On iTunes

There are few things that scream ‘Fall is here!’ more than the Fall TV season. Sure, the days get shorter, the air gets cool and crisp, and leaves start changing colors. But the most telltale sign is the abundance of entertaining new blood on the Fall TV schedule competing for your ever-dwindling free time. With so many great new shows coming out, we want to help you pick between this year’s most prestigious titles on iTunes Fall TV — no cable subscription required. So, here’s our rundown of some of the best new Fall shows, all whose pilots are watchable right now on iTunes for free.


Billed as “a true story on the verge of happening,” Pitch tells the story of the first woman to play Major League Baseball, Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury), along with all the ups and downs that come with breaking the glass ceiling in professional sports. While millions out there are celebrating Ginny’s historic achievement, she still has her share of detractors, some of them even wearing the same uniform. A good, old-fashioned sports story with a gender-bending twist, Pitch looks to deliver compelling drama both on and off the field.

Designated Survivor

During a State of the Union address, a bomb goes off that kills the President, Vice President, and pretty much every other member of the Cabinet. In the wake of the destruction, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Tom Kirkland (Kiefer Sutherland) is sworn in as the new leader of the free world. While others in the West Wing are concerned over the leadership ability of their newly appointed President, Kirkland has to come to terms with knowing that this unprecedented attack on the United States is just the beginning in this high-stakes political thriller.

This Is Us

A unique concept sure to tug on viewers’ heartstrings, This Is Us tells the story of four people, all from different walks of life who happen to have been born on the same day. The writer and directors of Crazy Stupid Love bring this idea to life with an impressive ensemble cast includes Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, and Sterling K. Brown. At first, these characters’ stories seem to be completely independent of one-another, but soon This Is Us slowly starts to weave them all together, revealing that these characters have more in common than a simple birthday.

The Good Place

From creator Michael Schur, co-creator of NBC’s Parks and Recreation, comes a new sitcom about a woman named Eleanor (Kristin Bell) who, after her sudden death, ends up in the afterlife’s “Good Place,” due to a clerical oversight. Now Eleanor, who wasn’t exactly known for being a good person when she was alive, is trapped where everyone is always nice, no one gets hangovers, and no one is allowed to use curse words. Let’s just say that makes it a mixed bag for her. Ted Danson co-stars as Michael, one of The Good Place‘s dutiful administrators.


Minnie Driver stars as Maya, the Dimeo family matriarch who’s willing to stop at nothing to give a normal life to her oldest son, JJ (Michah Fowler), who has cerebral palsy. While Maya works tirelessly to meet the demands of her everyday life, her attitude manages to create new difficulties for her, and her family, all the time. And with so much of her attention focused on what’s best JJ, she comes to realize that the rest of her family all deserve that same kind of love and consideration.

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To check out all the exciting new shows on the Fall TV schedule — wherever and whenever you want — head over to iTunes Fall TV and start watching now. You can watch pilots for the above shows for free and even get a season pass, which automatically downloads all new, available (aired) episodes to your iTunes library.