Iwan Rheon From ‘Game of Thrones’ Talked About Working With Those Terrifying Dogs That Ate Him

Last season saw the death of one of the most reviled villains ever on Game of Thrones. Ramsay Bolton, who put Sansa, Theon, and countless others through unimaginable torture and suffering, may have been universally hated even more than Joffrey himself. In real life, of course, the actor who played Ramsay, Iwan Rheon, is just an affably charming Welsh fellow. Rheon, who is currently starring in Marvel’s Inhumans, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night, but of course the topic of conversation turned to — what else? — his dramatic exit from Thrones by being eaten by his own dogs.

So were the dogs as scary as they seemed on TV? Well, the answer is yes and no. As Rheon says of his death scene itself, “Well it was the last scene I did, so I did suspect they would actually let it happen for real, but… realistically, I wasn’t anywhere near any dogs.”

But the dogs themselves were, in fact, real. “I walked in, and I saw the dogs, and I think it was a couple of seasons previous, it was the same dogs, I was like, ‘hi doggy!’ and they were like, don’t look the dog in the eye!” He continued, “They’re not like pets, they’re guard dogs, they’re trained to be vicious, really, and they only listen to their owner, so if you have eye contact with them they take that as a direct threat.”

Eh, sounds totally safe to us. While he was there, Rheon also did talk a bit about Inhumans, for which he recently wrapped filming in Hawaii.