J.J. Abrams Wants You To See This Deleted ‘Into Darkness’ Shower Scene So You Can Shut Up Now

05.23.13 5 years ago 18 Comments

J.J. Abrams has gotten a ton of flack over the last week for his choice of putting Alice Eve in glorious, glorious panties. The argument is that the scene is gratuitous T&A that we could all do without. I agree. It’s disgusting.

Ew. Anyway. To combat the criticism, Abrams went to Conan to talk about his intentions. He’s actually been up front that he should have executed it better, but he just wanted to contrast her boobs with Captain Kirk’s or something. To further prove his point, he presented an EXCLUSIVE DELETED SCENE, Y’ALL!!!!

The video features Benedict Cumberbatch showering. Hot stuff. Now he’s not a sexist anymore, so shut up losers. *spanks nearest woman and scampers away*

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