Jack Gleeson’s Reaction To The Purple Wedding Beats All The Reactions To The Purple Wedding

If you haven’t seen the latest episode of Game of Thrones, I urge you to hit the back button on your browser or else you’ll see a heavy spoiler. If you have seen it, which if you’re a reader of this site, the chances are fairly good, then you’re in for a treat. Other members of the show have been giving their reactions to the scene, but Jack Gleeson’s reaction to the pivotal Purple Wedding episode is the best:

Even though I want to put Joffrey into a catapult and launch him into a vat of orange juice after receiving a thousand paper cuts, this picture is pretty great. He seems like a cool kid in interviews, so he’s probably as happy that the character is dead as most fans are. Unless this is part of his plan of course!

Nah, it isn’t. This is a time for celebration! That b*tch is dead.

(Instagram Via Zap2It)