Jaime King Had To Rely On Uber To Get To The Hospital And Have Her Baby

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08.20.14 6 Comments

Who needs taxis, ambulances or family when you’ve got Uber to get you around? Jaime King used it when she had her baby. She told Conan about how her husband was out of town working on a movie with Sam Jackson, a man with a finite amount of time to do his eighty jobs each day. So King was flying solo when she went into labor. That’s where Uber comes to the rescue.

I agree that an ambulance would’ve been pretty dramatic, even if it makes sense. The sad news here is that a long line of taxi cab births has come to an end. We probably won’t see them anymore. It’s all Uber from here on out after this story.

Sure, she didn’t have the baby in the Uber car, but it could’ve happened. Not everyone is going to be that lucky. The difference now is some sweaty Eastern European guy isn’t staring down the baby chute. The times are changing. Bob Dylan is probably going to need another car commercial to talk about this.

(Via Team Coco)

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