Jake Gyllenhaal Loves Ferrets And Hates ‘Katfish’ On ‘Inside Amy Schumer’

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal and comedian Amy Schumer have a history. Specifcially, Schumer has a renting-his-apartment-and-eating-his-birthday-cake kind of history with Gyllenhaal. The Inside Amy Schumer star first told the story to Late Show host Stephen Colbert back in September, prompting future Late Show guest Gyllenhaal to retaliate with his own birthday cake-eating video. Apparently the indirect exchange was enough to foster the embers of a creative fire between the two, because Gyllenhaal cameos in Thursday’s episode of Schumer’s popular Comedy Central sketch show. So does a ferret named “Falcor” and a bunch of bit actors lampooning MTV’s Catfish.

So why the Catfish shenanigans? In the sketch, Schumer seeks assistance from the co-hosts of Katfish, both of whom mimic the real show’s Nev Schulman and Max Joseph with a delightful degree of ridiculousness. According to Amy, she met some guy named “Jake” in a… wait for it… “chat room for ferret fanatics.” Hence Gyllenhaal’s pet ferret, Falcor, who gets almost as much screen time as the actor himself.

Sure, it seems far-fetched, but we regularly use an internet populated by racist Chinese laundry detergent commercials and a Twitter account dedicated to Oscar Isaac’s dancing in Ex Machina. So maybe the real Gyllenhaal actually does like ferrets, and has a white one named Falcor.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)