Jake Gyllenhaal Goes To Great Lengths To Prove He’s Friends With Ryan Reynolds For Seth Meyers


Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds willfight off grim death in space this weekend in Life, but Gyllenhaal was in another battle during his appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers. The topic of Ryan Reynolds pops up at the end of the interview and Gyllenhaal seems to have some trouble convincing Meyers that he and Ryan Reynolds are friends. They haven’t been running buddies before the film, but Gyllenhaal hit it off with Reynolds during the film and wanted to show how great of a guy he was to the audience.

So Gyllenhaal decides to FaceTime Reynolds on the show, killing some television time and making a few funny comments along the way. It only leads to failure during the interview, but a great moment of television soon after. Once the show returns from commercial break, Meyers introduces a surprise moment that happened while he was backstage. It seems that Gyllenhaal was not lying about his friendship with Ryan Reynolds and the guy called him back before he left the studio. Gyllenhaal makes his way back out while Meyers is backstage and takes over the show for a moment to share a moment with his buddy.

Reynolds is just out there pushing baby strollers around, talking about his lips. It’s like two goofy guys passed in the night and suddenly realized they were meant to be great friends forever. Put them in every movie together, paint portraits of them to hang in your great hall, and just enjoy it all until it eventually falls apart because of Jared Leto or something. Until then, we will always have this:

(Via Late Night)