Seth Meyers And James Corden Will Be Treating Us To A Bit Of Talk Show Host Crossover

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For the first time in ages, we live in a period of relative late night talk show calm. Battles like Letterman vs. Leno, Conan vs. Leno and Rivers vs. Carson have slipped into legend, and every host seems to be fairly chummy with one another. Well, outside of maybe Chelsea Handler. It’s also an age where Late Late Show host James Corden can pop by his talk show timeslot rival’s show like it’s no big thing.

It’s been revealed that Corden, who has a Tony Awards hosting gig coming up, will be a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers next week. June 8th, to be exact. THAT’S WHEN A CBS DUDE IS GONNA BE ON NBC TURF, BRO! The two pillars of the later part of late night have actually done the interview/guest thing before, back when Corden was tapped to be the heir to the Late Late Show he visited Seth Meyers and everyone had a lovely time.

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